What are the loan options online? – Low interest

Nowadays, there are several banking services that can be done over the internet, they range from the payment of bills to the loan application. The online loan is already a tool commonly used by Brazilians, who also use other mechanisms for acquiring loans, such as the telephone or ATMs.

Learn about the top online loan options offered by banks and financial institutions.

In order to make life easier for consumers, several banks and financial institutions have launched the online loan application. This modality further assists customers in reducing bureaucracies and makes the procurement process simpler. In addition, this is a great option for those looking to acquire a line of credit quickly. With just a few minutes you can simulate the best loan options.

However, there is a price to pay for all this convenience, which in this case is reverted in interest rates. This type of loan is usually more expensive than payroll loans. But there are cases where the emergency speaks louder and applying for an internet loan becomes one of the better options. Here are the top online loan options.

Loan – Digital

Loan - Digital

Offered by Townbank, this credit line is only available to those who are already a customer of the bank. The hiring can be done through the internet or at the ATMs scattered throughout Brazil. After borrowing the loan, the money is immediately deposited into the checking account informed by the client.

The simulation of the loan can be made directly on the bank’s official website, and the first installment must be paid up to 45 days after hiring. Townbank also offers a limit of up to R $ 50 thousand for the online loan, which can be divided into a maximum of 48 times. Hiring the loan can be done without the requirement of any document, but because of this lack of paperwork, only a few clients are eligible for the design.



This online loan option does not have a 100% online modality, since it is necessary for the client to move to a unit of the company to sign the loan agreement. However, the first procedures, such as simulation, can be carried out on the internet at GoFinance’s website. The company offers values ​​ranging from R $ 1 thousand to R $ 2 thousand, with terms that also vary from 18 to 24 months for the payment of debt.

Good for credit

Good for credit

At Crediter website, there are several online loan options offered by institutions. The website functions as a search tool for loans, which brings together several options for those seeking to acquire the line of credit without having to move. Good Credit also provides some information about the best payroll loans, among other lines of credit.

Still on the internet, there are several options that can be accessed by anyone. Among these options there are loans granted by Bradesco, without having to leave the house. Or even Dacasa, who specializes in this. Among these lines of credit there is one option that is better than the other, since each one has advantages that differ according to the interest of each customer. So, make several simulations before hiring a loan.