Small Loan: How It Works, Requirements, Simulation and Withdrawal Timing

Noipa loan is a special loan formula, reserved for employees of the public administration, created to guarantee extremely advantageous and convenient conditions for those who need small and short-term loans, repayable up to 48 months. Let’s see how it works, what the requirements are, a simulation and the timing of the provision of a small noipa loan.

Small noipa loan allows public employees, registered in the management of credit and social benefits, to access a maximum loan equal to 8 months of net salary, in the event that there are no other deductions in progress, and a loan of between 1 and 4 monthly payments if the applicant already has other loans in progress. Thanks to the possibility of forwarding the request for funding directly online, through the noipa portal, applicants can fill in the application from the comfort of their home without having to go to an INPS office.

Requirements for requesting it

The applicants for the small noipa loan must be the holder of a current account, an account on which the salary is already credited and which will be used by the INPS also to credit the amount of the loan requested by bank transfer, and are obliged to indicate a valid e-mail address, basic conditions for entering and processing the loan application. In addition, the administrator who wishes to access the reserved area of ​​the portal must be in possession of the PIN, the national service card or the SPID system, as is the case with the consultation of many other online information concerning their social security position.

How to perform a simulation

On the noipa loan page it is possible to make realistic simulations, a huge advantage for the administrators who want to know the amount of the installment based on the amount requested and the duration of the loan. Thanks to the organization of the portal, the simulation service can be performed by duration or by amount, in compliance with the criteria of the maximum amount of the fifth salary. In addition, with the maximum payable option, the administered person has the possibility to know the maximum amount that can be financed on the basis of the transfer of the Fifth of the last payroll provided by the public administration and registered on the portal.

In particular, small noipa loan can have a two-year, three-year or four-year duration, thus offering a repayment option up to 48 installments. Also on the same reserved page, dedicated to the small noipa loan, you can also check the progress of your practice. An interest rate of 4.25% is applied to the small noipa loan, while administration costs amount to 0.25%.

Criteria for the provision of small noipa loan

Small noipa loan allows employees of the public administration to apply for a loan equal to:

  • a monthly payment, doubled to two months in the absence of other financing, over an annual loan term,
  • two monthly payments, doubled to four months in the absence of other loans, over a two-year loan term,
  • three monthly payments, doubled to six months in the absence of other loans, over a three-year loan term,
  • four monthly payments, doubled to eight months in the absence of other loans, over a four-year loan term.

Timing for the provision of the small noipa loan

On average, for the delivery of the small noipa loan, it is necessary to consider a time frame between 45 and 60 days from the insertion of the request upon receipt of the bank transfer, calculated average times for processing the files. In addition, the administrator who requires a small noipa loan also has the possibility of extinguishing the loan by turning to an INPS office. If you also need a small loan and have verified that you meet all the requirements to apply for a small noipa loan, fill out the online application or go to the nearest INPS office.

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